Film Scramble 7 Press Release and the Crescent Theater present
Mobile Bay Film Scramble 7
a Short Film challenge


It’s time to put some of those great ideas into action; the seventh Mobile Bay Film Scramble begins!
If you’ve always wanted to be a part of the exciting film scrambles
happening in town but never knew how, here’s your chance.

Film scrambles offer a unique challenge to all area filmmakers- from
beginners to professionals- to create and complete a short film within
a very limited time frame.

3 ways you can get in on it:

Meet at The Attic (upstairs) at the Blind Mule January 31 at 6pm to sign up.
There you will find out the specs and rules of this particular scramble, register, meet
other participants, have a bite and a drink (or three.)

If you’d like to participate but are not a filmmaker, come on out anyway.
Teams can always use actors, extras, technical assistants, prop masters,

Make your film and submit it to the Crescent Theater by February 13 at 6pm

Come out to the Crescent Theater on Friday Feb 15 at 10:30PM and Saturday Feb 16 (screening time TBA) to check out all the entries and cast your vote for your favorite.

The winners will be determined by audience and judges’ vote.

Mobile began hosting film scrambles in 2006 with the Mobile Arts Council
and Alabama Film Group, headed up by Margaret Broach. After that, film
scrambles caught on, with Hailee Kuntz from South Alabama Film Festival
hosting several film scrambles. The Student and Filmmaker Alliance (SAFA)
began hosting an annual film scramble in 2010, which pairs 7th and 8th
grade writers with local filmmakers, recently celebrated their 3rd annual

Mobile Bay Film Scramble has been hosting film scrambles at the Crescent
Theater at least quarterly for the past few years.

Film Scramble 7 event on facebook

Mobile Bay Film Scramble facebook page

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